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Something random I felt like sharing.

So I went to work with Callie and I's copy of Pokemon Black in my DS and I get this text:

You bastard. You ran off with Pokemon.

And to that I replied:

Team Rocket strikes again!

And thus why I will close with saying: screw you Team Magma, up yours Team Aqua, nice try Team Galactic and you make me lol, PETA Team Plasma. Rockets were here first!

Okay, I'm officially mildly insane now... more so. I need caffeine.

A sign of life

Hell of a time to post, huh?
I"m actually half-asleepCollapse )

Dec. 18th, 2010

Yeah, I keep meaning to post here. But I've been buried in job-work, playing taxi-driver and sewing up gifts.

More to come when I have free time.

Fox VS The PoliSci 100 Final

So yeah. In about seven and a half hours, I take my final in PoliSci: American Government.

Wish me luck. Roll the versus music and I'm not sure what I'll do afterward just yet... prolli come back and do sewing-related things cause I've got holiday gifts to get together. Oh and I gotta drop off the application over at Islands between 2 and 4pm when the managers 'll be in.

I guess I should sleep now.

Also, Soul and Maka's voice in the anime was not NEARLY what I expected of them. But then, neither was Cou's when I watched those 2 episodes. I still wish I hadn't. God damn it Geneon! This is why I can't have nice things!!!

Soul Eater so far though, pretty good.

Yeah, sleep time.

Getting Up Again

After taking a couple days off from the interbutts, I'm semi-back. Got my usual shenanigans to tend to today, so I prolli won't be online again 'till late tonight(Meaning midnight and afterward). Thanks muchly to everyone that worried and to those that were curious about the intricacies of my personal life; I'll probably be giving the full story when I'm on AiM again.

That said, it's time to get my ass out the door.

Just something short for now

It's really fucking cold.

I know you cold weather folks 'll prolli laugh at me, but it's gotta be like... 40~50ish in this room and I can barely feel my fingertips. This is FREEZING in California -at least the Southern part of it. I'm wearing my freakin' hoodie with my pajamas if that's any indication.

I'm gonna go clean up and get my ass in gear today.

Last night was a fucking mess.
Also isn't helping my case that I've been lazy as all get out, but I'm really hoping to get back onto my old routine of at least posting once every couple days, maybe once a week or something like. I mean granted, I lead such a fascinating and adventurous life, that I'm certain everyone I know is absolutely dying to hear what kind of comic capers I've been getting into lately. Am I right? Yeah, I didn't really think so.

Contrary to how the tone of that could have been interpreted, I am not in a completely ass-holic mood. I just felt that a crack like that was needed after my whole more or less vanishing act that I pulled when moving and since have never really done anything about. Truthfully, I'm in pretty good spirits today. Not just because of the holiday, but because when I think about it, I've had a pretty good week. I mean, it's been complicated -I mean things have been REALLY complicated since I moved. Rent, utilities and paying all our old bills is quite an act to keep up on and while I'm still only getting my few-hours-a-week jig at Joann's, I'm fairly confident that I'll find a second job fairly soon. If nothing, I'll see if the Mouse Mafia will take me in on Monday. On top of contending with everything, I still want to make sure I can attend Anime Expo this coming year and that still leaves a great deal of work that I need to do if I want to do so. That and then there's school.

That's a big chunk of ground to cover, but only a few people happen to read this journal and I'd say all of you talk to me often enough on AiM that you're pretty-up-to-date on current events, so I can spare a senselessly long catch-up session and just start in with well... business as usual. Or more accurately, making good on some promises! Now in my last journal, I do believe I promised some pictures of the new home-sweet-home. And while late, I fancy myself as being good to my word.

So let"s have a look, shall we?(Warning: Image Intensive)Collapse )

So that's making good on that promise. I'm thinking that I may start at least posting links to my Photobucket when I dump the convention photos -which I may actually do when I figure out how to automate Photoshop so it auto-resizes everything cause by default, I seem to take pictures at INSANE resolutions. But it's handy if I'm ever going back and trying to find obscure details in stuff I'm taking pictures of.

I think that's about everything for now. Tomorrow's turkey day and I have a dessert to make, a wishbone to steal and hopefully, a little sewing to do. I know late in the evening, Fei is supposed to be done with his family visit for the holiday and we'll be allowed to kidnap him 'till at least the next day. I know on Black Friday and the following Saturday, I have work from 11:30am to 4pm. Not a fantastic shift and I expect to be insane and harried by the time it's all over, but work is work. I may also try to bum rush a store or two on Black Friday if they have something I really want. Otherwise, I'm looking to sleep or game before I do my wage slave-thing.


Yeah, still alive. Just been so insanely busy.

It's late and I'm tired though, so I'll hopefully get off my ass and tell a nice long story after class today.


Seeing it through to the end

Small post today. I said that I REALLY wanted to finish this one and so I am. Almost a month late, but hey, I moved and have had a TON of stuff to sort out. I think I'm justified on being a little late here. But then, aside from clearless hassling me, I don't think anyone really noticed. But that's beside the point. Also, I has a Failbook now, so if anyone wants to bug me on that, go nuts.
Hiding the video for those that get annoyed with this stuffCollapse )

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